Domestics Behind the Privet

Our highly qualified domestics are chosen based on their ability to adapt to the specific needs of each client.


About Us


About Domestics Behind the Privet

Domestics Behind the Privet, a division of JK Chef Collection, is a bespoke placement agency with representation in NYC, The Hamptons, Palm Beach, and Aspen.

Domestics Behind the Privet, specializes in placing housekeepers, estate managers, drivers, and other domestic staff.

Our Methodology

Domestics Behind the Privet understands the importance of hiring the most honest and trustworthy individuals. After all, these employees come into your home on a daily basis and for many become a part of your extended family. We are not robotic in our selection process. We look at each individual’s personal character. The intangible qualities of kindness, generosity, and tremendous work ethic are the hallmark of our candidate selection. Finally, we review all references and perform background screenings for all of our candidates. Once we are satisfied with our findings we are confident in passing their candidacy on to you.


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