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Living in New York City, you’re surrounded by incredible, globally renowned cuisine — why not at home, too? Extend the exquisite tastes into your dining room when hiring a personal chef. Committed to providing exceptional chefs for exceptional clients, JK Chef Collection is the company that gives discerning clients access to the best private chefs in NYC.

Selected from around the world to create customized, memorable meals, these culinary artists use superior ingredients, create innovative menus, and delight the palate with a wide variety of cuisines. From Manhattan to Queens, they enter client homes and create a magical dining experience for everyone at the table. If you’re ready to elevate everyday meals with a full-time household chef or want a private chef for a dinner party, trust JK Chef Collection to supply the perfect culinary professional.

Hire a Chef to Make Any Event More Memorable

Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner party for two on the Upper East Side or a rooftop reception in Williamsburg, private chefs set the stage for unforgettable occasions. Trust our top-tier professionals to customize menus specifically for your event — whether that means a kosher wedding feast, a wintertime holiday dinner spread, or a four-course meal for clients.

Our chefs can be hired on a full-time, part-time or seasonal basis to meet your needs. In every case, they are some of the world’s finest and most talented culinary experts. Each one undergoes an extensive testing program before ever working with you, which allows us to evaluate cuisine knowledge, find unique passions, and know how to match the right individual with your event./p>

Trust Us for Domestic Staffing, Too

Through JK Domestic Collection, we can fill a variety of household staffing needs, even beyond professional chefs. Whether you’re looking for a housekeeper, an estate manager, a driver or another support staff member, come to us. We use the same discerning standards for domestics as we do for chefs; this allows us to supply only the best talent to our clients.

We understand that these individuals are coming into your home — in some cases, every day, and they can feel like part of your extended family. That’s why we do extensive vetting: reviewing all references, performing thorough background screenings, and searching the most honest, trustworthy individuals. We are passionate about supplying only those individuals who are best-suited to adapt to the needs of your home.

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Why Our Chefs?

JK Chef Collection provides exceptional chefs for exceptional clients. Our master chefs are paired with our discerning clients to create the perfect match.

Booking a JK Chef Collection Private Chef

The process of finding a private JK Chef has never been easier. Simply fill out the form outlining your requirements and our culinary director will contact you to discuss specifics.

JK Chef Collection has the ability to pull globally the finest designers and culinary masters to create pure magic.

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