Our Credo

We want to share our philosophy at JKCC, and explain why we do what we do.

Our Credo

Jack Kelly is the founder of JK Chef Collection. Jack realized early on that in its simplistic form food can be delicious, healthy, and flawlessly prepared.

We provide world class private chefs for full-time, part-time and seasonal positions as well as for one-time events. To reserve your private chef or find out more please visit our Reserve a Chef or Contact Us Page and fill out the form.

JK Chef Collection carefully selects chefs from around the world whom are well versed in a variety of cuisines. However, the Collection’s culinary focus is New York, the Hamptons and Los Angeles.

The Collection’s chefs share a passion for an expertise in the garden to table experience. JK Chef Collection has created an extensive culinary testing program which evaluates each applicant’s knowledge of a variety of cuisines as well as finding their unique passion and talent. Our chefs are sensitive to our client’s tastes and the farms that best grow those ingredients creating original, pitch perfect dining experiences. JK Chef Collection chefs are keenly interested in the provenance of ingredients and prepare food that reflects region, terroir and season.

JK Chef Collection’s ever expanding culinary library is deep and broad. For ingredients that cannot be obtained locally, our chefs draw on national and international resources, developed across the aggregate years of preparing delicious meals. The Chef Collection team share a simple philosophy: Astounding meals have more to do with inspiration and improvisation according to availability of organic fresh resources rather than hewing to rigid recipes.

The next best thing to eating food is talking about it. Jack and Jeff have weekly round table discussions with JK Chef Collection members focusing on culinary trends and new dietary discoveries.

The private chefs at JK Chef Collection create refined culinary experiences. Carrots that taste like caviar, striped bass off the boat in Montauk, seared local scallops with little more than a dusting of thyme – local, of course and corn so fresh it is eaten off the stalk. Followed by original desserts all sourced locally.

 There is no sincerer love than the love of food.  George Bernard Shaw


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